What to do when the money tree loses its leaves

What to do when the money tree loses its leaves

Causes of falling leaves of the money tree

If the money tree loses leaves, there are several possible causes:

  • permanently moist earth
  • too dark location
  • too warm winter location
  • Pest infestation

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In most cases it is a matter of care errors or a location that is too dark or warm in winter. But pests can also bother the money tree.

Do not keep the money tree too damp

A money tree does not tolerate waterlogging! Never water the plant thoroughly or too often. It is enough if the root ball is moderately moist inside.

Falling leaves often indicate that the soil is simply too moist. Take the money tree out of the pot, shake off the old plant substrate and pot it in fresh soil.

To avoid waterlogging, you should create a drainage made of gravel in the bottom of the pot.

The right location for the money tree

The money tree likes it warm and bright in summer. Temperatures between 20 and 27 degrees are ideal in summer. Penny trees also tolerate direct sun very well. You should only put them in a little shade immediately after repotting.

Even in winter, the penny tree prefers a very bright environment. If the winter location is too dark, light it up with plant lamps. However, the temperatures must be reduced significantly during this time. The ideal ambient temperature during winter time is around eleven degrees. If the plant is warmer, it sheds its leaves.

Pests that cause leaf drop

Shield aphids, mealybugs, and mealybugs occasionally occur, especially during winter. You can recognize an infestation by these pests by the fact that yellow, sticky deposits appear on the leaves. Money trees, which are already weakened because they are too damp or have been fertilized too much, are particularly at risk from pest infestation.

Fight lice on the money tree with plant sticks that are stuck into the ground. They emit substances through the earth that penetrate the leaves of the money tree and destroy the pests that live on them. The remains of the pests and the sticky residue can be carefully rubbed off the leaves with a brush or a cotton swab. If necessary, briefly shower the plant with the shower head.

Since most of the plant sticks also act as fertilizer, you must not fertilize the money tree additionally.


In summer the money tree likes to go into the summer resort. Put the pot in a sunny place. But bring it back into the house in good time before it gets too cold outside, as the plant cannot tolerate temperatures below five degrees.