Build scarifier for lawn tractor yourself - ideas for self-construction

Build scarifier for lawn tractor yourself - ideas for self-construction

Inspirations around self-made scarifiers - looking over the shoulders of tinkerers

The vernacular describes scarifier (€ 76.01 at Amazon *) aptly as a lawn harrow. Comparable to the fur harrow for horses and pets, a scarifier combs out the lawn with spikes, tines or short knives to remove moss and weeds. At the same time, the ground is scratched a few millimeters deep so that additional oxygen gets to the roots of the lawn. If the performance spectrum of the lawn tractor is expanded to include this function, resourceful inventors have come up with the following solutions:

  • Welded wire mesh with welded prongs
  • Extend the wooden frame or slatted frame with replacement springs from a power rake
  • Complete lawn roller with spikes on clamps (metal rings)
  • Use used seeds or disused meadow drag from agriculture as a scarifier

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Common to all self-made models is a device for attaching to the ride-on mower, such as a chain or a strong rope. For a lawn-friendly working method, it is important to note that tines, springs or spikes cannot penetrate deeper than 5 mm into the ground. Otherwise, damage to the valuable noble grass is inevitable.

Build in winter - use in spring

The peaceful winter time is ideal for building a scarifier for the lawn tractor yourself. Since the work in the garden is limited to a minimum, you can calmly browse the Internet for inexpensive components and realize your design ideas.

The self-made turf harrow is ready just in time for the start of the gardening season, because April is the best time to clear the lawn of moss and weeds.


To achieve maximum success with your self-made scarifier, drive the lawn tractor over the lawn in advance without the mechanical extension. By mowing the mossy green area at the lowest level beforehand, you increase the effectiveness of combing out moss and weeds.