Caring for the pencil bush properly - tips and tricks

Caring for the pencil bush properly - tips and tricks

Plant your pencil bush in a sufficiently large pot with well-drained and rather nutrient-poor soil. A drainage hole with a drainage layer above successfully prevents waterlogging.

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The ideal location for the pencil plant

The pencil plant prefers a very bright place, but can only tolerate direct sunlight after a long period of getting used to it. The plant can spend the summer outside, but since it is not winter hardy, it should be put back in the warm early enough.

Water and fertilize the pencil plant properly

The pencil bush does not tolerate calcareous water very well and is sensitive to waterlogging. It is best to water it with rainwater and let the top soil layer dry out a little in between.

In summer, the shrub needs water about once a week. If it is cooler, it is enough to water the pencil plant every two weeks. Add some liquid fertilizer to your irrigation water once a month, but only in the summer months.

Prune the pencil bush properly

The pencil bush does not need pruning for healthy growth. However, it grows relatively quickly and can reach a size of up to three meters. If you don't have enough space for such a large houseplant, then you can certainly cut back your pencil bush.

The multiplication of the pencil bush

The pencil bush can be propagated quite easily by cuttings. You can even use the clippings from any pruning that has been carried out.

The essentials in brief:

  • frugal and very easy to care for
  • grows relatively quickly
  • not hardy
  • Cutting back not necessary but possible
  • all parts of the plant poisonous
  • Location: as bright and sunny as possible
  • Cactus soil or a mixture of soil and sand
  • Water once a week in warm conditions, every 2 weeks in cooler temperatures
  • fertilize about once a month in summer
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Propagation by cuttings


The extravagant pencil bush is very easy to care for and therefore very suitable for people without green thumbs, but you should not ignore that it is also very poisonous.