Amaryllis only leaves leaves - that may be the reason

Amaryllis only leaves leaves - that may be the reason

Lack of light results in leaf growth

One of the most common causes of failure to flower while the long leaves sprout briskly is a location that is too dark. The knight star consistently acts according to the motto: No sun - no blossom. Therefore, take a close look at the lighting conditions in order to relocate the amaryllis to a bright, not full sun place.

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Cutting the leaves does not attract flowers

You will not solve the problem if you cut off the leaves. On a knight's star, the leaves are responsible for the bud formation inside the onion. If you cut off the green leaves, all hopes for a bloom will come to nothing.

Excess moisture prevents the amaryllis from blooming

Immigrated from the warm, rain-poor regions of South America, the knight's star is designed for a water balance at a low level. If the onion is in permanently too moist substrate, only the leaves will sprout and the flowering period is canceled. How to pour an amaryllis balanced:

  • Do not water after planting or only water in sips
  • Increase the watering quantity slightly parallel to the buds sprouting
  • Water regularly and more abundantly during the summer growth phase

From July, reduce the amount of water in order to cultivate the knight star completely dry from August to November. Only cut off the leaves when they are completely withered. In mid-November, repot the onion and care for it according to these recommendations.

Animate the leafy knight star to blossom

If at the end of the regular flowering period still no flower has developed, please do not throw the gun in the grain. Water and fertilize the knight star consistently. In mid-May, plant the leafy plant and its pot in a sunny, warm spot in the ground. If the amaryllis is feeling well, the inflorescence stem will now sprout with buds.


Warm temperatures make a knight's star in the vase wither faster. If you place the cut flowers in a bright place with temperatures averaging 20 degrees Celsius, the brilliant flower show will last for 2 weeks and longer.