Cottage Garden Flowers: A Selection of Perennial Plants

Cottage Garden Flowers: A Selection of Perennial Plants

Growing flowers in the cottage garden for several years

Flowers are only perennial if they get through the winter well. Perennial perennials are of course hardy, but you should consider a few things when overwintering your perennial flowers in the cottage garden:

  • Do not cut them down to the ground in autumn, but rather let everything stand: the branches and leaves gradually fall off and form a natural winter protection.
  • Especially in very cold winters, it is advisable to cover the beds with brushwood to protect the roots from frost.
  • In autumn you can add humus to the beds for additional protection. This then also supplies the young plants with nutrients in spring.

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Perennial flowers that bloom in spring

Spring bloomers bring colors to the awakening garden.

German nameBotanical nameHeydayFlower color
PrimrosesPrimulaDecember to AprilMany different colors
snowdropGalanthusJanuary to MayWhite
ColumbineAquilegia April to JulyWhite, blue, yellow, pink
PeonyPaeoniaMay to JuneWhite, pink
IrisirisMay to JuneBlue, purple, pink, yellow, white and others

Perennial summer bloomers

In summer it blooms colorful and varied in the cottage garden.

German nameBotanical nameHeydayFlower color
Lady's mantleAlchemilla mollisJune to SeptemberYellow-green
hydrangeaHydrangea macrophyllaMay to JulyBlue, pink, white, purple
CornflowerCentaurea cyanusMay to SeptemberBlue, white, purple, pink
delphiniumDelphiniumJune to July, second flowering possibleWhite, blue, purple
Burning LoveSilene chalcedonicaJune to Julyred
BellflowerCampanulaJune to SeptemberPurple, white, pink
phloxPhlox paniculataJuly to AugustBlue, white, pink and others
HollyhockAlcea roseaJuly to AugustYellow, orange, pink, red and others
Bush mallowLavatera thuringiacaJuly to SeptemberWhite, pink

Here you will find even more summer flowering cottage garden perennials.

Perennial autumn bloomers

It's not just the trees that are colorful in winter; Even the cottage garden can delight you with its blossoms until November.

German nameBotanical nameHeydayFlower color
Autumn anemoneAnemone hupehensisJuly to OctoberWhite, pink
Heather, common heatherCalluna vulgarisAugust to NovemberWhite, pink, purple
Winter asterChrysanthemumSeptember to NovemberWhite, yellow, red, purple, pink etc.
Autumn monkshoodAconitum carmichaeliiSeptember to Octoberblue