Caring for Calathea rufibarba properly - tips for care

Caring for Calathea rufibarba properly - tips for care

How do you water Calathea rufibarba properly?

You have to pour Calathea rufibarba with tact. The root ball must neither become completely dry, nor does the basket marante tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, water regularly during the growth phase. Drain off excess water immediately.

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Sufficiently increase the humidity at the location. It should never be below 80 percent.

Use rainwater or lime-free tap water for watering and spraying.

How often do you need to fertilize Calathea rufibarba?

Calathea rufibarba does not need a lot of nutrients. You should therefore use fertilizer sparingly. It is completely sufficient if you provide them with a little liquid fertilizer once a month.

Is the basket margin cut?

In spring you can prune Calathea rufibarba. Shorten the shoots one-third in length. You should also cut dead flowers and dried up leaves.

You can also propagate the Calathea rufibarba using cuttings that you cut in spring.

When do you need to repot Calathea rufibarba?

Once the Calathea rufibarba is fully rooted, it is time to repot. The best time for this is early spring.

Which diseases and pests can occur?

Waterlogging can cause rot on roots and shoots.

Especially in winter, when the humidity is lower anyway, you need to watch out for pests:

  • Aphids
  • Spider mites
  • Thrips

How is Calathea rufibarba overwintered?

Calathea rufibarba does not tolerate frost and not even too low room temperatures. They shouldn't fall below 18 degrees even in winter.

The Calathea rufibarba will do well if you take it to a place in winter where there is less than twelve hours of light. This will stimulate the plant to flower.


Calathea rufibarba is an evergreen house plant with monochrome leaves, in contrast to, for example, Calathea crocata. With a height of up to 70 centimeters, it is not as tall as Calathea warscewiczii.