Red maple - care, cutting, wintering

Red maple - care, cutting, wintering

How often do you have to water the red maple?

Red maple likes it fresh and damp, but never wet. If necessary, you should water on hot summer days, but avoid waterlogging at all costs. Too much dryness as well as wetness prevents beautiful autumn colors.

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When and with what should you fertilize red maple?

Basically, planted maples should only be fertilized very cautiously, which of course also applies to the red maple. It is best to provide the deciduous tree with a good portion of compost or another organic fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season and a second time around the beginning / middle of July.

Can red maple also be cultivated in a bucket?

Red maple is very suitable for keeping in a bucket, but then needs very careful care. This includes regular watering and fertilization as well as adequate protection in winter.

When should you repot red maple?

Specimens planted in pots should be moved to a larger pot and fresh substrate every two years until they are around ten years old. Older red maples are repotted about every five to six years.

Can you cut red maple?

As with all maples, the red maple should only be pruned carefully and with care, as this group of trees has a very strong tendency to bleed again.

Which diseases or pests should you pay particular attention to in the red maple?

Discolored or dried up leaves are primarily indicative of care or location errors. In addition, red maple tends to develop the dreaded Verticillium wilt, a fungal disease for which there is currently no cure, particularly when it is waterlogged and damaged by roots.

The leaves of the red maple do not turn red properly or stay green - what to do?

The lack of coloration of the leaves is usually due to incorrect care and / or an unsuitable location.

Is red maple hardy?

Red maple is very hardy. Only young specimens and tub maples need winter protection.


Although the red maple particularly likes sunny locations, it does not tolerate heat well. Therefore, shading over noon can be useful.