Freeze pesto - it works and tastes good too

Freeze pesto - it works and tastes good too

Which speaks for freezing

Nobody wants to stop you from having an absolutely freshly made pesto. There is nothing better. But there are also many reasons to make use of the potential and space of a freezer.

  • Process herbs that are available in abundance in summer
  • Don't let unused pesto residues go to waste
  • Gap filler for days when there is no time for cooking
  • Pesto is guaranteed not to spoil in a frosty environment

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Frozen pesto is ideal, especially when children have to provide themselves with food after school. In just a few simple steps, it can be transformed into a tasty meal even by inexperienced little cooks.

Freeze purchased pesto

While a homemade pesto can be kept in the refrigerator for several days under ideal conditions, the contents of an opened supermarket jar have to be used up much faster.

For those who prefer variety on the plate, the leftover amount spoils. Unless it is frozen. However, this should not be done shortly before spoilage, but preferably immediately after opening the jar.

Portioning, an important step

Due to the liquid it contains, pestos will freeze into a single hard lump. As a result, the entire pesto must be thawed later, regardless of how much of it is actually needed. Correct portioning is therefore the most important thing in freezing.

  • Divide large amounts of pestilence
  • in needs-based portions
  • Freeze in several small containers

Pesto can be wonderfully poured into an ice cube tray and pre-frozen. With the individual cubes, the right amount can be put together at any time.

Labeling is a necessity

Certain frozen goods can be clearly identified by their appearance even without appropriate labeling. It looks different with pestos, for example with the green variants. Not only is it difficult to distinguish between the individual pesto varieties, there is also a risk of confusion with frozen herbs.

Compensate for color loss

It is well known that the eye also eats, and a green color primarily signals freshness. In the case of a frozen pesto, however, the minus line in the freezer can lead to a significant loss of color. This is especially the case with the popular basil pesto.

The loss of color cannot be reversed after thawing. With the addition of a few fresh herbs, the pesto can be spiced up in terms of color and taste.

Little loss of taste

Frozen pestos sometimes taste a little less intense than freshly prepared pestos after defrosting. The remaining taste is still so good that it is worth freezing. With a splash of lemon juice, freshly ground pepper and the like. Ä. the taste can be upgraded afterwards.


If you love pasta with pesto, you will definitely not leave it in the freezer for long. Nevertheless, for information: A pesto frozen under optimal conditions can easily withstand a year in the freezer.

In the freezer, they should preferably be placed in the coldest area. It is also important that they are packed and frozen immediately after preparation. However, heated pestos must be completely cold beforehand.

Thaw frozen pesto

A pesto should defrost gently in a refrigerator, preferably overnight. Variants that can or must be heated can also be thawed more quickly in a saucepan over low heat.

Conclusion for quick readers:

  • Suitable pestos: Homemade and purchased pestos
  • Portioning: Divide the pesto into suitable portion sizes; facilitates thawing
  • Labeling: risk of confusion with other frozen food; Be sure to label the container
  • Shelf life: remains edible for up to a year
  • Thawing: Gently in the refrigerator overnight
  • Alternatively: in a saucepan over low heat; only heat-compatible varieties
  • Loss of color: minus degrees cause color changes; Pesto stays edible
  • Tip: Spice up the color with fresh herbs after thawing
  • Change in taste: taste diminishes somewhat; Seasoning possible

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