Plant the pistachio tree in Germany

Plant the pistachio tree in Germany

Problems with fresh seeds

Even sowing a pistachio tree is difficult. The kernels available in stores are mostly treated and not fresh enough. Pistachio seeds only germinate when they are completely fresh.

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If you want to plant a pistachio tree in Germany, you either have to get the seeds from a mail order company for exotic seeds or bring them with you from vacation.

If you're lucky enough to find pistachio trees nearby, you can cut cuttings. To be on the safe side, use cuttings from multiple trees to get male and female plants.

Pistachio trees need a lot of warmth

The biggest problem with growing pistachios is the climatic conditions. Almost nowhere in Germany is it permanently as warm and dry as in the countries of origin.

Pistachios do not tolerate low temperatures for long periods of time. Therefore, they are difficult to cultivate outdoors. Older plants in a favorable location can survive cool winters with frost protection.

Growing pistachio tree in greenhouse

In the greenhouse, the climatic conditions for growing can be met more easily. There the trees remain rather small with one to three meters.

In nature, pistachio trees reach heights of up to 25 meters. They can live up to 300 years.

Plant the pistachio tree in Germany

If you still want to try planting one or more pistachio trees, find a sheltered location.

  • Very sunny location
  • Sheltered location
  • Not too nutritious soil
  • Permeable soil without waterlogging

Harvest pistachios from your own tree

If the sapling is successful, you will need a little patience. It will take at least three years before you can harvest the first pistachios. The stone fruits need several months after flowering until they are ready for harvest.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to harvest pistachios, you need at least one female and one male plant. Pollination occurs by the wind. When keeping in the greenhouse, you can try pollinating the flowers with a brush.