Let tree roots die off faster

Let tree roots die off faster

It takes a long time for the tree roots to die off

It can take many years for all the roots of a tree to die. During this time, the space in the garden can only be used to a limited extent. Still, you should leave tree roots in place as they decompose and release important nutrients.

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The death of the tree roots can be accelerated somewhat. With the right tips, they'll rot after just two to three years.

Always dispose of new shoots immediately

The tree roots have not yet died immediately after felling. This can lead to new shoots developing next to the tree stump. Always remove these new shoots immediately before they become too thick and removal becomes unnecessarily difficult.

Make tree roots die faster

There are chemical means that you can use to quickly kill the tree roots. However, in the interests of the environment and garden health, you should avoid such agents. Microorganisms in the soil are damaged as well as insects, which ensure a healthy garden.

To make the tree roots die faster, it is better to use largely natural measures:

  • Saw the roots
  • drill holes
  • fill with compost
  • Fill in calcium cyanamide (Wurzel-Ex)

Use a saw and compost to kill tree roots

Use a saw to saw the roots in a checkerboard shape. Use a wood drill to drill several holes in the wood. In this way, you supply the microorganisms with some oxygen. In the holes you fill semi-ripe or ripe compost that you have mixed with accelerator and starter.

Calcium cyanamide, as it is also contained in Wurzel-Ex, provides the microorganisms with nutrients, so that they work faster and the tree roots die off more quickly.


A tree stump in the garden can be used in many ways. Just set up a bird bath or attach a bird feeder to it in winter. This not only looks decorative, but also ensures that the animal garden dwellers feel comfortable.