Tips for overwintering date palms

Tips for overwintering date palms

Date palm is partially hardy

A date palm tolerates up to -6 degrees. Date palms that you planted directly in the garden bed can withstand frosts quite well, as long as the temperatures don't drop even lower.

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When caring for date palms in the bucket, it is advisable to overwinter them in the house frost-free. In exceptional cases, however, you can leave them outside in a protected location.

Hibernate date palms in the house

In the house, a cool, as bright as possible place is required for the wintering of date palms. Are suitable:

  • bright hallways
  • Entrance areas
  • cool winter gardens
  • Basement with window
  • Garages
  • Garden houses

If the location is very dark, you should install plant lamps so that the date palm receives sufficient light.

Maintain date palms in the garden over winter

If you want to overwinter a date palm outside in the bucket, put it in a sheltered location and make sure that the palm does not get too moist.

An insulating pad is just as useful as wrapping the pot with sackcloth or special garden fleece.

If the date palm grows directly in the garden soil, spread a thick layer of mulch (€ 99.99 on Amazon *) around the palm. When the temperature drops, you should briefly protect the date palm from frost with burlap.


The larger the date palm, the more difficult it will be to bring the pots into the house in winter. It is better to put the buckets on rollers so that you can move them more easily and move them quickly to another location if there is a risk of frost.