Sharpen a pair of secateurs

Sharpen a pair of secateurs

What should I watch out for when sharpening the secateurs?

Secateurs (€ 19.03 at Amazon *) and branch and tree shears consist of two parts that are connected to each other by a screw. There are two different types of cutting systems here, and first of all, find out which one your secateurs are using:

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Anvil cutting method

The anvil variant has a cutting edge and a wider claw that has no cutting surface. The branches are cut from the cut surface here and meet a smooth surface on the other side. There is more of a risk of bruises here.

Bypass cutting method

Here the secateurs have two cutting edges that cut on each other so that the branch is cut from both sides.

Examine your secateurs or pruning shears carefully and find out whether they have one or two cutting edges, because only these need to be sharpened. However, you should clean the claw when you get the chance.

You will need these tools to sharpen your secateurs

  • Screwdriver or wrench (depending on the type of screw connection)
  • coarse whetstone
  • fine whetstone
  • Container of water
  • absorbent cloth
  • oil
  • Steel roller (for washing up)

How to sharpen your loppers step by step

1. First unscrew the connection between the two parts so that you can take them apart.

2. Clean your secateurs thoroughly. You can find out which means are agreed and how best to proceed in our cleaning instructions. Thoroughly dry both parts and set the claw - if present - aside.

3. Now take the coarse whetstone, wet it with water and sharpen your loppers. Pay attention to the right angle! You don't need a protractor for this, just a little tact. Sand from both sides.

4. Now take the fine grindstone and repeat the process.

5. Oil the spring or the connecting screw.

6. Screw the two parts back together and remove any grinding residue with the steel wool.


When sharpening, make sure that the secateurs are always pointing away from you so that you cannot injure yourself.