Aronia bushes hardly need to be cut

Aronia bushes hardly need to be cut

It is best to prune aronia in winter

Many flowering bushes should be pruned right after flowering. However, this is not possible with the aronia, after all it is a fruit-bearing shrub. For this reason, the best possible time is late autumn or early winter, when all the fruits have been harvested and the plant is no longer in the juice.

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Construction cut for better branching

Immediately after the plant has been planted and in the first years of standing, you can carry out a so-called construction cut. Close-up shoots are cut out, and the basic shoot is shortened. This way the shrub will branch out more and develop more side shoots. Young plants should be pruned so that they develop as many branches as possible and eventually develop a beautiful crown over time.

Rejuvenation cut on older aronia bushes

If, on the other hand, your aronia bushes are getting a bit old, a rejuvenating cut is recommended. This is particularly useful when no more flowers are formed within a very broad shrub. With a taper cut, you remove the oldest main shoots and shorten individual basic shoots. This cut will stimulate your shrubs to grow again and to produce more fruit.

How do I prune my aronia bush

How much you prune your shrub is entirely up to you. The aronia berry is very robust and does not hold it against radical pruning. Fortunately, the plant does not tend to bleed again. To make a cut, do the following:

  • Put on gloves and sturdy clothing.
  • Choose sharp rose shears.
  • Select the shoots to be cut out.
  • Start the cut above a bud.
  • The cut is made at a slight angle.
  • Remove shoots that are crossing or branching out with one another.
  • In the center of the shrub you should leave a leading shoot.
  • If necessary, only shorten the main shoot.

Such a cut should usually only be necessary every two to three years. In the meantime, you can leave your chokeberry to its own devices.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to cut the plants when they are planted. Leave a central shoot a little longer as the main shoot and shorten the other shoots accordingly.