How do I best overwinter my colored nettle?

How do I best overwinter my colored nettle?

Can the colored nettle hibernate in the garden?

At temperatures below about 15 ° C, the colored nettle begins to wither and shed its leaves. She does not know these temperatures from her ancestral home. So you should not wait until the first frost before you bring your plants into the house, but act in good time.

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Garden owners with little space to overwinter their plants might simply buy new colored nettles in spring and dispose of the old ones in the compost. Alternatively, you can also pull new plants from the cuttings of your colored nettles over the winter and then plant them out in the next spring. This is useful if your colored nettle is a bit older.

The right winter care for the colored nettle

Cut back your colored nettle in autumn and give it a bright, warm place for winter. The temperature there should not drop below 15 ° C. Your colored nettle does not need fertilization during this time and you can also restrict watering a little. Only in spring do you go back to “normal” care and after the ice saints, the colored nettle is allowed to take its traditional summer place again.

The best winter tips for the colored nettle:

  • Relocate to winter quarters early
  • Do not let the temperature drop below 15 ° C
  • do not fertilize
  • pour a little less
  • possibly pull cuttings
  • use as a houseplant


During the winter, the colored nettle from the garden is a beautiful ornamental plant for your living room.