Planting zinnias - that's what matters

Planting zinnias - that's what matters

The planting time

As soon as there is no longer any threat of night frosts after the ice saints, you can put the zinnia outdoors, regardless of whether it is self-grown plants or perennials from the garden center.

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The right location

The zinnia is an absolute sun worshiper who does not mind midday temperatures of over thirty degrees. For this reason, a location in full sun that is protected from the wind is ideal.

The soil requirements

Zinnias are relatively undemanding and thrive in their natural habitat on very stony and barren soils. Well-drained, humus-rich and slightly loamy substrates ensure abundant flowering throughout the summer. The optimal pH of the soil is between 5.8 and 6.2.

Note the planting distance

So that the zinnias do not dispute each other for space, you should keep a distance of about 30 centimeters to the neighboring plant, depending on the size of the adult plant.


First, carefully loosen the root ball from the seed container and place it in water for about thirty minutes. During this time you dig the planting hole, which should always be a little larger than the original pot. Make sure that the roots are not kinked and that there is enough space in the planting pit. Fill the planting hole with soil, press it down lightly and water the zinnia well.

Since zinnias are quite sensitive to waterlogging, it is advisable to work some sand into the subsoil in heavily clayey soils and to add a drainage layer of gravel.

Zinnias propagate and grow

You can either buy zinnia seeds from specialist gardeners or harvest them yourself. From February you can grow the zinnias indoors or in a heated greenhouse. Zinnias are dark germs, so cover the seeds placed in the seed trays with a little soil. Well watered and covered with a hood, the first seedlings will appear after about ten days.

Alternatively, you can sow Zinnia directly in the garden after the Ice Saints.


If properly planted, the zinnia will bloom shortly after it has set in and into autumn. Cut off dead flowers regularly, this will stimulate the formation of new flowers.