Planting snake cucumbers - that's how it works better

Planting snake cucumbers - that's how it works better

Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetables among gardeners. They taste refreshing and have few calories, but all the more vitamins and minerals. When planting snake cucumbers, a distinction is made between free-range cucumbers and greenhouse cucumbers and you should pay particular attention to this.

Proven snake cucumber varieties

You can choose between a classic long cucumber or a short midi snake cucumber. Generally high-yielding varieties are the F1 hyprids with a long harvest period. Some are also bitter-free and powdery mildew resistant.

  • Printo - cold tolerant mini snake cucumber for balconies and pots
  • La Diva F 1 - sweet, bitter-free refined house cucumber, for outdoors and in the greenhouse
  • Rawa F 1 - robust, tasty, purely feminine flowering, ideal for the single household

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If you dream of robust homemade cucumber plants, you can refine your own cucumbers and wait and see what grows.

Snake cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the field

Snake cucumbers feel uncomfortable at temperatures below 10 degrees and react with growth depression and poor harvests. Therefore, snake cucumbers can be grown more successfully in the greenhouse. Prepare the ground beforehand and attach shading nets and climbing cords to the roof.

Snake cucumber plants can go outside in mid-May. Your location should be warm, full sun and sheltered from the wind. Grow at a distance of 60 centimeters in the prepared bed or planter. If the weather gods are in a good mood, they quickly shoot high. So don't forget the climbing aid! Skimming snake cucumbers does no harm.

Plant snake cucumbers at a dizzy height

You can plant snake cucumbers on the balcony in a container or pot of at least 20 liters. Fill the planter with substrate or potting soil, plant cucumbers, attach to a support and place in a sheltered, sunny location.

From flower to cucumber in 2 weeks

You can harvest the first snake cucumbers just two weeks after flowering. Snake cucumbers have the best flavor when they are even smaller than supermarket cucumbers. As soon as they turn yellow, the ripening period has passed. Cut off overripe fruits from the plant so as not to weaken it unnecessarily.

Snake cucumber friends

Whether in the greenhouse or in the open air - good friends are beans, garlic, kohlrabi, spinach and dill. Less good ones: peas, cabbage, beetroot, and celery.

Tips & Tricks

Snake cucumber plants are a treat for snails. You can prevent this if you set up snail fences or sprinkle slug pellets (€ 16.78 on Amazon *) around the plants immediately after growing.