Gerbera - houseplant with ambition

Gerbera - houseplant with ambition

The right location for the potted plant

The gerbera is a small mimosa. It will not thrive in an unfavorable location. She would like to be very bright, but she also doesn't like direct midday sun.

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Do not place the houseplant too close behind the glass of the flower window. This prevents the glass from acting like a magnifying glass on the flowers and leaves when exposed to sunlight.

The gerbera likes a moist soil, but needs enough space so that the air can circulate between the leaves.

Cut the bloomed flowers immediately

To stimulate the formation of new flowers, you must always cut off dead inflorescences immediately. Shorten the stems about three centimeters above the soil surface.

You should also trim leaves that are wilting, discolored, or showing spots.

Watch out for pests such as lice, spider mites, and fleas and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Watering gerbera properly

  • Earth moist but not wet
  • Only water the gerbera from below
  • Pour off excess water
  • Spray more often in summer

Watering is the gerbera's biggest care problem. It cannot tolerate too much or too little moisture. Under no circumstances should it dry out completely.

You should never water the plant from above, only from below. Add water to the trivet or occasionally dip the potted plant in a bucket of water.

Bring outdoors in summer

If you want to do something good for your gerbera, place the potted plant on the terrace or balcony in summer.

Outside she gets enough light and air and thanks you for it with lots of colorful flowers.

But make sure that the plant does not get direct midday sun.

Tips & Tricks

As a pot plant, gray mold can be fatal for the gerbera. It occurs when the plants are too close together and kept too moist. Make sure there is enough distance from walls and other plants.

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