How do you plant a mango seed?

How do you plant a mango seed?

Where do you get a mango kernel from?

You can easily get a mango seed from a mango that you eat or use in the kitchen. The more ripe the mango, the easier it will be for the stone to germinate. In addition, the core is also much easier to remove from the fruit and completely free from the pulp.

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Mangoes that you can buy in the supermarket are often treated with an anti-sprout agent. Mangoes are difficult or impossible to grow from the seeds of these fruits. It is therefore better to use the kernels of mangos from the fruit trade or from proven organic cultivation.

How do you treat the mango kernel?

First, the core must be completely cleaned of pulp. You can use a brush for this. You put the cleaned core in water for one to two weeks. This water must be changed daily. Then put the core in potting soil.

An alternative to soaking the core is to open it carefully. To do this, drill a hole at the tip of the mango kernel with a sharp knife, corkscrew or other pointed tool. Pry this hole open a little so that there is a small gap. Under no circumstances should the seedling inside be damaged, as this could prevent germination!

Proper planting

Put a few potsherds or larger stones in a larger flower pot so that the water can drain off later. Then fill the pot with potting soil, coconut fiber or a mixture of peat and sand to about 3 cm below the edge of the vessel.

In order to kill any pests or fungal spores that may be present, you can heat the slightly moist substrate beforehand in the oven or microwave to at least 160 ° C for 10 to 15 minutes. Coconut fiber does not need this treatment.

Put the mango kernel upright in the prepared flower pot, let the top 2 to 3 cm still peek out. If the seedling has completely loosened from the shell, then lay it flat on the substrate and cover it with a thin layer of soil.

The germination

Spray the substrate regularly with water to keep it moist and cover it with foil. This keeps the humidity high. Place the nursery pot in a bright, warm place because the seedling needs temperatures of 25 to 30 ° C. After about four to ten weeks, the core will germinate.

The essentials in brief:

  • if possible ripe mango
  • Open the core carefully
  • Germination temperature 25 - 30 ° C
  • high humidity

Tips & Tricks

The more ripe the mango, the better the core germinates.