Cutting the love pearl bush: radical or moderate?

Cutting the love pearl bush: radical or moderate?

Cutting at the expense of flowers and fruits

Anyone who reaches for scissors with the love pearl bush must be aware of one consequence: The pruning removes the flower roots for the coming season. As a result, there are also less decorative berries. The reason for this is that this shrub blooms and produces fruit on the biennial wood.

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Avoid getting old - thin out in summer

A clearing cut can be started at any time on a frost-free day. But the ideal time for this has come in summer. Then you can see which branches have few flowers. You should cut this away. Remove such twigs to the ground. Soon new shoots will be pushed in from below.

Cut in autumn or spring

Ideally, the beautiful fruit should be cut back a little immediately after flowering. Alternatively, it can be provided with a cut in autumn or spring. Parts of the plant that froze in winter (not uncommon) are removed immediately in spring.

Cut is not necessary

Since the easy-care love pearl bush naturally has a magnificent growth habit, it does not necessarily need a cut. However, a cut may still be appropriate for various reasons.

Possible reasons here:

  • grown too tight
  • too many old shoots
  • crossing shoots
  • afflicted with disease
  • got too big or too wide
  • too many rotten branches
  • Obtain twigs for the vase
  • bald from below

Pruning to get cuttings to propagate

The handle of the scissors can also be suitable in the course of propagation. The love pearl bush can be propagated with cuttings:

  • select long, healthy shoots (annual)
  • 10 to 15 cm long
  • there should be a pair of buds at the bottom
  • Insert deep into the potting soil so that 1 to 2 cm protrude from the top
  • keep moist
  • Protect from frost in the first winter


Don't worry if a radical cut is unavoidable: the beautiful fruit sprouts again even after such a rigorous cut. However, it will take several years for it to regain shape.