Can I grow a wisteria as a high trunk?

Can I grow a wisteria as a high trunk?

How do I grow a wisteria as a high trunk?

Start with the regular pruning as early as possible and do it consistently twice a year. Choose the strongest shoot as the main shoot. Shorten this by about a third in the first spring, cut off all other shoots (side shoots). To give your wisteria sufficient support and grow straight, give it a stick as a support.

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Loosely tie the main drive to the support rod. Repeat tying up several times a year when the wisteria has grown again. In summer, cut the new side shoots by about half, later always to three to five buds.

In the second year you determine how big your wisteria should remain and shorten the main shoot to the appropriate height. Only in the third year do you remove all unwanted side shoots below the crown. Now the wisteria can also be recognized as a tree.

How and where do I plant my tall wisteria?

As long as your wisteria is more of a trunk than a fully grown high trunk, you can grow it well in the tub. This makes it easier for you to protect it from frost in winter. Later, the wisteria is quite hardy. He prefers a sunny and sheltered location, preferably on your terrace or balcony.

How do I care for a wisteria as a high trunk?

The wisteria is generally considered to be robust and easy to care for, but in addition to plenty of sun it also needs regular pruning so that you can enjoy its blossoms carefree. Do this conservation pruning in spring and summer as soon as flowering is over.

Before and during the flowering period, wisteria does not tolerate drought, so make sure that the soil is evenly moist. The soil shouldn't dry out, or your wisteria might not bloom. The plant also needs plenty of nutrients from spring until after the second flowering. Use a lime-free fertilizer with a low nitrogen content.

The essentials in brief:

  • Leave only one main shoot and cut it to the desired height in the 2nd year
  • Support and tie in the main drive in the first few years
  • remove unwanted side shoots in the 3rd year
  • carry out normal maintenance pruning from the 4th year


Even if the wisteria is a strongly growing climbing plant by nature, it can certainly be grown as a high trunk. However, this requires some work on your part.