Propagate Calathea. This is how the increase of the basket margin works

Propagate Calathea. This is how the increase of the basket margin works

Propagate Calathea by root division or shoot cuttings

There are two methods of propagating a basket marante. Either you split the roots of a healthy plant or you cut cuttings. Both options are equally effective when done correctly.

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In addition to a mother plant, most of all you need a good place where the young plants can develop. It has to be consistently warm at around 23 degrees, bright but not sunny. High humidity promotes the formation of new roots. It should be 85 to 90 percent.

If the ambient temperature is too low, it will take a long time for the Calathea to form roots. Mold formation often occurs in the process.

Increase the basket margin by dividing the roots

  • Prepare the pot
  • Pot the plant
  • Divide the root with a sharp knife
  • plant immediately
  • Keep the substrate well moist
  • place warm and bright
  • keep evenly moist

The best time to split the root of the basket marante is spring. Take the opportunity if you have to repot the Calathea anyway and take it out of the old container.

Use as sharp a knife as possible for cutting. Then the interfaces do not tear open. Before doing this, clean the knife thoroughly so as not to transmit diseases.

The sections for propagation must have several roots so that they can grow quickly.

This is how you gain new offshoots of the Calathea from cuttings

To propagate a Calathea from cuttings, cut off several shoot pieces in spring that have at least two to four pairs of leaves.

Immediately place the shoot cuttings in prepared plant pots and keep them warm. Avoid direct sun. Water the pots regularly to speed up the rooting process.

As soon as enough new roots have formed, you can transplant the young basket marants into larger pots. To make the Calathea appear bushier, put several pieces of shoot in a pot.


Propagating a calathea from seeds is theoretically possible, but only recommended for experienced gardening enthusiasts.