How to grow an avocado tree from the seed yourself

How to grow an avocado tree from the seed yourself

Germinate the seed core

Getting an avocado seed to germinate so that a pretty plant can grow out of it is actually not that complicated. You just need a lot of patience, because it can take a few months for such a seed to germinate and the first tender shoots to be seen. There are two tried and tested methods of germinating an avocado seed. The water glass method is perhaps used very often, but is not recommended for practical and breeding reasons. Instead, the avocado kernel can also be used in fresh potting soil and will also grow reliably there - in contrast to the water method, which often leads to mold growth. The only important thing is to keep the soil moist (not wet!) And to put the pot in a warm and light location.

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What you need for germination:

  • a water glass / a small plant pot (depending on the selected method)
  • stale, room warm water
  • a spray bottle
  • (Toothpick)
  • (fresh potting soil for the soil method)
  • possibly foil for covering (household cling foil is sufficient)

Plant the avocado plant

After a few weeks or months, a small tree has grown out of the core, which now shoots up very quickly. Avocados have a habit of growing mainly upwards for a few years and hardly developing any side shoots. A bushier growth can usually only be achieved by annual pruning or grafting. But before that happens, first pot your little plant in a pot that is not too small. The core should also be potted and about two-thirds sticking out of the soil - your young plant will still get its nutrients from the seed up to an age of four to six months. You can only remove the seeds when you repot in the following winter. After potting, sprinkle the avocado with room temperature water.

Utensils for planting the tree

  • a larger plant pot
  • fresh soil (potting soil is optimally mixed with peat or sand or palm soil)
  • a spray bottle of room temperature water

Caring for the avocado properly

Your home-grown avocado will grow splendidly if you care for it properly. As a plant of the tropics, the avocado is used to a lot of sun and warmth as well as high humidity. Therefore, it is better not to water the plant, but rather spray it. Older plants can spend the summer in a sheltered and sunny spot in the garden or on the balcony, but shouldn't get frost. Fertilize about every two to three weeks with a good liquid fertilizer e.g. B. for citrus plants.

Will my avocado bloom and bear fruit too?

It is possible for your avocado to develop flowers from around the age of six to ten years. The small, green and white flowers can be very numerous, but in our latitudes they will most likely not lead to fruit. There are several reasons for this: Avocados grown in this country are usually not big enough to set fruit, and the Central European summer is simply too short and not warm enough for a corresponding development. The most important reason, however, is the complicated pollination of the flowers, because the avocado is a hermaphrodite that needs other trees for fertilization.

Tips & Tricks

You can refine your avocado in order to achieve a bushier growth and to increase the chance of any fruit. Then you have basically two trees that grow together on one trunk - and maybe develop the right opposite-sex flowers.