Tips for caring for Calathea crocata

Tips for caring for Calathea crocata

How do you water Calathea crocata properly?

The root ball must never dry out completely but also not get too wet. Pour the basket marante piercingly, always pour off excess water immediately.

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Spray the leaves more often to increase the humidity.

Only use water with little lime that is slightly warmed up for watering.

What should be considered when fertilizing?

Don't fertilize too much. Monthly doses of a liquid fertilizer are sufficient. During the winter months, reduce or stop fertilizing.

Are you allowed to cut Calathea crocata?

Calathea crocata is easy to cut. You can cut off brown, dried up leaves and dead flowers at any time.

When should you repot the basket margin?

As soon as the old pot is completely rooted, you should repot Calathea crocata. The best time for this is spring.

What temperatures should be at the location?

In summer, temperatures should be between 20 and 25 degrees. In winter they must not fall below 18 degrees.

What diseases and pests should you watch out for?

Diseases are rare and are primarily caused by poor maintenance or a wrong location. If roots or trunk rot, it is usually due to waterlogging.

If the leaves change color, the plant is receiving too little or too much water, is in a draughty location or is being fertilized too well.

Pests mainly occur when the humidity is too low. Watch out for:

  • Spider mites
  • Aphids
  • Thrips

Do you have to overwinter Calathea crocata?

Calathea crocata grow throughout the room. The basket marante is not hardy and does not tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees. Even in winter it should not fall below 18 degrees.

In winter, reduce the watering quantities slightly and fertilize less or not at all.


Like all basket marants, the Calathea crocata appreciates a partially shaded location. You don't get direct sunlight. In the flower window, you should shade them so that the leaves do not burn.