How can you use blood vessels?

How can you use blood vessels?

The ingredients of blood camphor

Blood sorrel contains many effective substances, some have a healing effect, others are more responsible for the side effects. Tannins have a contracting effect, what doctors call astringent. This is very good for wounds that do not heal well; in large quantities it irritates the stomach. Blood vapor also contains a lot of vitamin C.

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Oxalic acid, which is particularly abundant in blooming blood vessels, makes it difficult for iron to be absorbed from food and, in higher doses, can lead to kidney damage. Therefore, you should never consume large amounts of blood vapor or use it over a long period of time.

Use in the kitchen

Most of the time the blood vessel is used as a salad addition. There the red veins of the green leaves come into their own. The taste of blood sorrel is milder than that of sorrel. You can also add blood vessels raw as a soup to the cooked soup. He doesn’t like cooking very well.

Use in herbal medicine

Because of its blood-cleansing effect and the high vitamin C content, blood vapor was often used in spring cures in the past. Today this herb is rarely used for this. Blood sorrel also has a diuretic and appetite-promoting effect. The astringent effect is often used for inflammation of the oral mucosa.

The essentials in brief:

  • high content of oxalic acid
  • diuretic
  • blood purifying
  • appetizing
  • astringent (astringent)
  • makes iron absorption difficult
  • do not consume during iron therapy or if you have an iron deficiency!
  • do not consume if you have kidney problems!


If you suffer from iron deficiency or are currently undergoing iron therapy, it is better to avoid blood vapor and other foods containing oxal, as these make it difficult for iron to be absorbed from food.