The garden house as a residence in the countryside

The garden house as a residence in the countryside

Living in the garden shed - is that even allowed?

If you are planning to move to the arbor, you will quickly find that there are a number of legal hurdles to overcome. Simply moving into the garden shed (7.70 € at Amazon *) and maybe even canceling the old apartment completely could be problematic.

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Before establishing one with:

  • Living room and bedroom
  • kitchen
  • Sanitary facilities
  • heater

equipped arbor you always need a building permit. You should therefore contact the responsible municipality at an early stage and clarify the legal framework.

If the house is already there, an application for a change of use must be submitted to the responsible authority before moving in. Keep in mind that certain legal regulations must be observed with regard to fire protection and drainage.

You have a good chance of obtaining a permit if the arbor is in a mixed area. However, the infrastructure also plays a role here. Your new home in the country also needs its own house number and mailbox.

The construction of the house in the countryside

So that the house remains pleasantly cool in summer and cozy and warm in winter, a good foundation and a wall thickness that is not too thin is required. Power connection, heating, light, sanitary facilities and the kitchen are integrated directly during construction.

The water supply using a flow heater has proven itself. Environmentally friendly pellet heating systems can be easily integrated into the small wooden house. Alternatively, you can switch to electricity heating systems. Gas is also a good alternative for stoves and heating.

So that it stays pleasantly warm in winter and the heat does not simply fizzle out, you should pay particular attention not only to sufficient wall thickness, but also to the insulation.If necessary, seek advice from a specialist in this regard, because important points such as apply here pay attention to the vapor barrier.

The interior

Living in a wooden house and in a limited space has a very special charm. Let your creativity run wild when it comes to interior design and furnishing and you will see that wonderful living dreams can be realized thanks to the limited space available.


If the arbor becomes a permanent residence, you should secure it well. Inadequate door locks and unsecured windows are every burglar's dream. Cylinder locks with striking plates and window security devices make it difficult for uninvited visitors to break in by force. An additional alarm system and good illumination of the paths are also recommended.