Is maple a shallow root or a deep root?

Is maple a shallow root or a deep root?

Maple tree - heart root with flat, wide-reaching root strands

Flat growth close to the surface is characteristic of the roots of all maple species. With increasing age, vigorous, native species develop a strong taproot. In cross-section, the root system is reminiscent of a heart shape with a plate-shaped extension to the sides.

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Thanks to meticulous records from scientists, we now have reliable data on the extensive root growth of maple trees:

  • In normal garden soil after 5-10 years: root depth 1.40 m - horizontal spread 2.10 m
  • In gravel-sandy loam soil after 70 years: root depth 1.10 to 1.40 m - horizontal spread 3.05 m
  • In permeable gravel after 60 years: root depth 0.60 m - horizontal spread 2.55 m

Keeping the roots in check - this is how it works

As we can see from the data on root growth, the root system spreads significantly more in width than in depth. So that the root strands of vigorous maple species such as Norway maple or sycamore maple do not go on a conquest through your garden, draw the line with a root barrier. For this purpose, line the planting pit 50 cm deep with an impenetrable geotextile (€ 84.99 on Amazon *). So that the strands close to the surface do not find their way over the root barrier, the edge should protrude 5 to 10 cm above the ground.

Correct watering promotes deep growth - this is how it works

Matching the water supply to the shallow root system will encourage your maple to grow deeper. You can do this by not watering every 1 to 2 days in summer drought. Instead, water deeply once or twice a week by running the hose for 20 to 40 minutes.


If a globe maple globosum shines in all its glory in the middle of the lawn, the shallow roots sometimes come into conflict with the lawnmower. The following options are available to you to solve the problem: a beautiful underplanting, replace the lawn in the root area with bark mulch or lawn grids.