Freeze plums properly and enjoy them fresh in winter

Freeze plums properly and enjoy them fresh in winter

Good preparation

Fresh fruits must not have any bruises. Make sure there are no maggots in it.

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4 important steps:

  • wash thoroughly: under running water
  • drying: avoiding ice crystals when freezing
  • Core: loosen the stem, cut the fruit in half, remove the stone with a sharp knife
  • quarter: for practical portioning

Then place the plums next to each other on a baking sheet. These are pre-cooled in the freezer for about one to three hours so that they don't stick to each other when they are stored. Alternatively, plates are suitable if the plums are to be placed in a smaller freezer compartment.

In this way, you can remove them in portions as required. These specimens keep their typical shape and are suitable for winter sheet cakes.

Store properly

Place the plums in the freezer in plastic containers or freezer bags. It is important that as little air as possible remains in them. Otherwise there is a risk of freezer burn or loss of vitamins. Frozen fruits can be kept for around 9 to 12 months at -18 degrees Celsius. Be sure to label the fruit with the month and year.

Overripe plums:

If the fruits are already very soft, they will be mushy after freezing and are especially suitable for preserving.


Freezer bags with clips are suitable for safe closing.

Freezing as a compote

Frozen plum compote is a delicious alternative for the cold season.


  • 20 to 30% sugar solution
  • 1 to 2 grams of ascorbic acid
  • plums

Blanch the plums in the sugar solution for about 3 to 4 minutes. The addition of ascorbic acid prevents brown discoloration. After the mixture has cooled down, freeze everything completely. If necessary, this can be thawed again in portions and briefly boiled. Plums are delicious with homemade waffles, ice cream or crêpes.

Tips & Tricks

Plums make a wonderful base for jams, purees or chutneys. Alternatively, you can make the fruit durable by drying.

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