Cultivate the eucalyptus as a houseplant

Cultivate the eucalyptus as a houseplant

Care instructions

The eucalyptus is a very undemanding plant. In the open air it hardly demands the gardener's attention. As a houseplant, on the other hand, regular care measures are required. Above all, pruning is essential, otherwise the deciduous tree will quickly become too big. However, the eucalyptus will thank you for careful maintenance with a bluish shimmering leaf dress and a unique look. Especially as a houseplant, it is a very special eye-catcher.

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The special thing about eucalyptus are its slightly bluish shimmering leaves. It is important to place it in a suitable location so that it can fully develop its foliage color. It should be warm and sunny, although cooler temperatures (especially in winter) are acceptable. The most important thing is enough light. Too little sunlight leads to the leaves bleaching. But be careful, under these conditions the eucalyptus grows rapidly in the air.

to water

Make sure that the root ball is always moist. Under no circumstances should waterlogging occur. It is therefore advisable to let the substrate dry on the surface before the next watering. In winter you can reduce the watering amount a little.


It is best to plant your eucalyptus in normal potting soil. To encourage development, use a universal fertilizer from spring to autumn. Fertilize the deciduous tree every two weeks.

To cut

  • Eucalyptus reach a height of five meters without pruning.
  • As a houseplant, pruning is possible all year round.
  • You can prune the plant back vigorously.
  • Regularly remove all cross-growing branches.
  • Do not cut into the roots.
  • Otherwise the eucalyptus is very easy to cut.


The variety Eucalyptus gunii is particularly suitable for indoor cultivation. The cultivation grows more slowly than the other eucalyptus species with 40 cm growth per year.


Since eucalyptus are known for their rapid growth, you should repot the houseplant annually. In the first few years this may even be necessary twice a year.

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