Which planting suits hydrangeas?

Which planting suits hydrangeas?

Planting suggestions for a hydrangea bed in partial shade

With its magnificent white, blue, red, pink or purple flower balls and the large foliage, the hydrangea stands in interesting contrast to leafy perennials such as bamboo and ornamental grasses. The different shades of green of the leaves bring out the richness of color of the hydrangea wonderfully. The hydrangea also gets along well with perennials such as splendid sparrows or anemones.

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The shade bed

Hydrangeas thrive excellently even in shady locations and thus beautify garden corners that often appear a bit bare. Combine the hydrangea here, for example, with hostas, whose differently colored leaves create a nice contrast. Ferns, astilbe, lady's mantle, golden fox and purple bells are also suitable as accompanying plants.

A flowering hedge

Hydrangeas fit well into natural gardens and enrich the flower hedges that are often planted here with their beautiful umbels, which are often visited by insects. Combine the hydrangea with, for example:

  • Butterfly bush
  • Ornamental apple or pear
  • Dogwood
  • lilac
  • Cornelian cherry

These shrubs bloom at different times, so that some wood always has bright splashes of color.

Underplant large hydrangeas

Like many shrubs, hydrangea bushes can be planted under with various accompanying plants. It looks wonderful when you combine the hydrangea with shade-loving lilies of the valley or rock roses.

The large hydrangea blossoms soak up water like a sponge when it rains, and the branches can break under this load. The barberry (buckthorn, vinegar berry) supports the hydrangea with its branches and is therefore ideal for underplanting.


The different types of hydrangea can also be easily combined with one another. You can embellish shady areas under deciduous trees with several plants in different colors. The colorful flower balls make them a colorful feast for the eyes.