Fight aphids on the hibiscus

Fight aphids on the hibiscus

Aphid damage

Aphids feed on sap and are responsible for when the hibiscus' flowers dry up, leaves cripple and young shoots die off. In the case of the houseplant, the Chinese hibiscus, air that is too dry promotes aphid infestation. Careful care of the hibiscus therefore requires regular spraying.

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Recognize aphids

Aphids are about 2mm large animals that attack the plant in large numbers. They are usually light green or black and leave a sticky coating on the plants. You can also recognize the aphid infestation by the thin white membranes on the flowers and leaves.

First measures

Once you have discovered the annoying mammals, you should remove them quickly so that the hibiscus is not weakened too much. You can shower the aphids with a powerful jet of water or collect them with your finger. Aphids like to hide on the underside of the leaves, so the underside of the leaf must be treated with it. If the pot hibiscus is infested, you should immediately put the plants individually to avoid infestation from neighboring plants.

Natural and home remedies for aphids


Ladybugs are very popular in the garden because they are real pest killers. Aphids and spider mites are among the favorite foods of the red-dotted animals. They can be collected in the garden and placed on infested plants.

Ladybug larvae are now available from specialist retailers or from various Internet addresses. Here, however, it must be carefully considered whether the control of aphids justifies a possible ladybird plague in the following years.

Nettle infusion

For the nettle infusion, chopped nettles are poured over water in a ratio of about 1: 9. The brew should steep for 3 days in a closed container. After filtering, the infusion is poured into a spray bottle and the hibiscus is sprayed dripping wet.

Soapy water

From one tablespoon of soap to 1 liter of water you can easily make a soapy solution with which you can spray the hibiscus.

Biological agents from the garden center

You can get ready-to-use soap mixtures in the garden center. These include Neudosan Aphid Free or Neem. These biological agents do not pose a threat to beneficial organisms or bees.


Hardware stores and garden centers offer various chemical agents for particularly stubborn aphids. The funds are absorbed by the plant and passed on to the aphids via the plant sap. The effect lasts for several weeks.

Prevention with plants

You can prevent aphid infestation by surrounding the garden marshmallow with herbs from the start. Lavender, thyme, sage and savory give off a spicy smell that makes them unpopular with aphids.

Tips & Tricks

Ladybugs can be found in almost every garden. You can settle the beneficial insects permanently if they find a piece of meadow, tall tufts of grass, loose bark, as well as piles of brushwood and leaves for the winter.