The perfect location for blueberries in the garden

The perfect location for blueberries in the garden

Cultivated blueberries like the sun

While wild blueberries can usually be collected in the partially shaded clearings in the boggy forest, the specially grown cultivated blueberries prefer a more sunny location. This should openly let the sunlight to the plants, but still be positioned more protected from the wind. When planting the blueberries, you don't need to dig very deep, as their roots are rather shallow.

The thing with the floor

It is anchored in the minds of many gardeners that blueberries usually thrive on the more acidic soil of bog forests. However, the blueberries grown for the garden are mostly varieties from North America that do not require acidic soil for their growth. However, adding the following components does not damage the planting:

  • sand
  • compost
  • Horn shavings

Tips & Tricks

When purchasing blueberry plants, find out exactly what demands each variety makes on the pH value of the soil.