Unwanted worms in the flower pot

Unwanted worms in the flower pot

Why do worms get into the potting soil?

These animals get into the flower pot by chance, for example because

  • he stood outside on the terrace or in the flower bed for a while
  • the worms crawl in through the drainage hole
  • instead of high-quality potting soil, simple garden soil was used for planting
  • they already end up in the plant container with the potting soil you bought

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Are they pests?

Earthworms are not pests, on the contrary. They loosen up the earth, eat dead plant material and fertilize the earth with their excrement. In the garden they have enough space to spread out easily. It quickly becomes too tight for them in the flower pot and they can no longer find any food. In this case, they begin to eat the fine roots of the potted plants.

The plant is no longer adequately supplied and dies.

Every now and then echytrae, these are small white worms, appear in the flower pot. They are also harmless to the plant, but they are unsightly to look at. They are brought in with the potting soil from the specialist garden center and develop in the packaging.

Remove worms from the potting soil

You can get rid of echytraes by repotting your flower and then planting it in good quality soil. To be on the safe side, you can also sterilize the soil in the oven.

You can drive earthworms out of the potting soil as follows:

  1. Fill a bucket with water.
  2. Put the plant with the pot inside. The earth must be completely covered.
  3. Wait for some time, the worms will crawl to the surface as they don't like flooding.
  4. Collect the earthworms and move them to the garden.
  5. Take the plant out of the bucket and let it drain well. There is no watering for a few days.