Can I plant a hedge with spruce trees?

Can I plant a hedge with spruce trees?

Which spruces are suitable for a hedge?

Two species are particularly suitable for planting a hedge, the Norway spruce (bot. Picea abies) and the Serbian spruce (bot. Picea omorika). As a pot or container plant, they can be planted from spring (March) to autumn (September), and as bare-root seedlings, best in early spring.

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The planting distance within the hedge varies depending on the type of spruce. With the red or common spruce it should be around 70 centimeters, with the Serbian spruce 60 centimeters are sufficient. A spruce hedge should not be planned too narrow, so it needs some space. Assume about 80 centimeters for the red spruce. A hedge with Serbian spruce can be a little narrower.

How do I care for a spruce hedge?

Freshly planted, your spruce hedge only needs enough water for it to take root. She only needs fertilizer from the second year, if at all. The first pruning should be done when the hedge has reached half of its planned height.

How often should I cut my spruce hedge?

Since a spruce tree needs a longer time to fill the gap after it has been pruned generously, it makes sense to cut it regularly. You should prune at least once a year, preferably in June. If necessary, a second cut is possible in August. It is best to use hedge trimmers for this, (€ 135.56 at Amazon *) you can't do much with a small pair of secateurs, because they stick together very quickly.

The essentials in brief:

  • conditionally suitable
  • Opaque hedge all year round
  • aesthetically not perfect
  • Suitable species: Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Serbian spruce (Picea omorika)
  • be sure to cut regularly, at least once a year
  • use sharp and sturdy hedge trimmers


It is essential that you cut back your spruce hedge regularly to avoid any radical cuts that leave unsightly gaps.