What does cherry laurel cost for a whole hedge?

What does cherry laurel cost for a whole hedge?

Where can you buy cherry laurel?

The laurel cherry is one of the most popular hedge plants and is part of the standard range of almost every gardening specialist. You receive young plants:

  • in the garden center or hardware store
  • in regional tree nurseries
  • in many online stores that specialize in plants
  • via private providers
  • in online auction houses

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Recognize healthy and strong laurel cherries

So that the hedge grows well, becomes dense quickly and provides the desired privacy screen, it is important to plant only healthy and strong bushes. You can recognize healthy laurel cherries as follows:

  • The root ball is firm and closed and will not break when taken out of the container.
  • The roots are well developed and do not show any rot.
  • Leaves and shoots are glossy green and show no signs of fungal disease or feeding marks.

The price for a single shrub

You can get laurel cherries in specialist shops in many different sizes, age groups and varieties. While you only have to budget two euros for a cherry laurel with a height of around forty centimeters, the shrub with a height of 125 centimeters costs at least fifty euros. You can get 1.75 meter tall laurel cherries, which due to their height already offer very good privacy, from around 75 euros. If you need a large number of bushes, you can keep costs lower with inexpensive bulk containers.

Large plants for instant privacy

So that the neighbors don't look at your plate, you can first put some larger shrubs in easily visible places in the garden. As soon as the trees are rooted, you can grow additional cherry laurel bushes yourself by means of sinkers or cuttings. This work requires some time and patience, but breeding yourself can save a lot of money.

Tips & Tricks

The cherry laurel often reproduces by itself through self-sowing. Dig up the little laurel cherries in spring and move them to the desired location in the garden.