Storage and preservation of zucchini

Storage and preservation of zucchini

What to do with the zucchini?

Zucchini keep best at temperatures of up to 12 ° C. A place in the basement is ideal. Please do not store near apples and tomatoes, as their ripening gas makes the zucchini spoil faster. The refrigerator is rather unsuitable for the cold-sensitive zucchini.

Dry zucchini

  • Cut the zucchini into slices
  • Thread the discs or place them on a grid and air dry
  • or dry on the baking sheet or wire shelf in the oven


Similar to cucumber, you can preserve zucchini in a jar. To do this, you put them in a hot brew of water, spices and herbs in mason jars.


Most zucchini varieties are unsuitable for freezing, as this will make the fruit soft and watery. The “Gold Rush F1” variety is an exception.

Tips & Tricks

You can use spherical zucchini like the “Eight ball F1 Hybrid” variety as original dishes. To do this, you let the fruit ripen, cut it in half and hollow it out. The bowl is ready.

The garden journal freshness-ABC

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