Orchid buds dry up and fall off - this is to be done now

Orchid buds dry up and fall off - this is to be done now

Incorrect location causes buds to fall - tips for the ideal framework

Where the site conditions do not even come close to simulating the light and temperature conditions in the rainforest, an orchid sheds its buds on the spot. The following overview lists common location problems and provides tips for troubleshooting:

  • Cause: Lack of light - Solution: A bright, not full sun location
  • Cause: Cold - Solution: A place with warm temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius, without a cold draft
  • Cause: Dry heating air - Solution: Do not set up above an active radiator

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Every orchid bud dries up in rooms with a humidity of less than 50 percent. You should therefore spray the tropical flower beauties regularly with soft water and set up humidifiers in the vicinity.

Wetness and drought let the buds fall

If the water balance in an orchid is out of balance, the buds must primarily atone for this. Waterlogging causes root rot, so that the transport of water and nutrients comes to a standstill. In the early stages, the delicate flower buds dry up and fall off. Please immediately repot the orchid in dry substrate. Use a disinfected knife to cut off the softened, putrid root strands.

Most orchid species can cope with short-term drought. If the condition persists for a long time, the buds will shrivel and any hope of a lush flowering period is gone. So water or submerge your orchids regularly. In summer, one immersion bath per week usually covers the need, while in winter the watering intervals are extended to 2-3 weeks.


Orchids should not be in a room with a fruit basket that contains apples, pears, or similar fruits. These types of fruit give off the ripening gas ethylene, which causes the buds to age prematurely. Before they can develop into bloom, they fall off again.