Is the hydrangea really poisonous to cats?

Is the hydrangea really poisonous to cats?

Hydrangeas are only slightly toxic to cats

Despite the fact that the hydrangea is poisonous for cats and dogs, you do not have to worry that your four-legged friend will suffer serious consequences if he eats the plant. Only in larger quantities does the consumption of hydrangea lead to gastrointestinal problems and the animal vomits or gets diarrhea. The stool can also be mixed with blood. The gastrointestinal disease makes the animal seem weakened and trembles.

There are no known strong toxic effects in veterinary medicine. Nevertheless, if you suspect poisoning, you should see your cat to the veterinarian, who will administer appropriate medication if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

While outdoor animals have the opportunity to eat grass to get rid of annoying hairballs and therefore avoid poisonous plants, house tigers often nibble on the hydrangea. If you offer your indoor cat special cat grass, it will leave your indoor plants alone.