When is the flowering time of camellias?

When is the flowering time of camellias?

In order for the beautiful flowers to show at all, the sensitive camellia needs good care and a suitable location with the right mix of sun and shade. If this plant is not feeling well, the buds will not open, turn brown or fall off prematurely.

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The flowering of some camellia varieties:

  • Camelia sasanqua: small white to dark pink flowers, September to December
  • “Winter's Joy”: semi-double, light pink flowers from November to December
  • “Winter's Snowman”: snow-white flowers from December to January
  • “Adolphe Audusson”: dark red flowers from January
  • “Spring Festival”: salmon pink to pink flowers, lighter in the middle, from late January to early February
  • “April Dawn”: white-pink piebald flowers from February to April
  • “Barbara Morgan”: wavy red flowers, from February
  • “Erebo”: deep red, large flowers, from March

Can I influence the flowering time in any way?

In order for a camellia to bloom at all, it needs a cold period with temperatures below 10 ° C to 15 ° C. Bud formation often begins shortly after flowering, but is then driven by the cold. However, a constant supply of water and nutrients is also important.

You can postpone the flowering time a little if it is cold later or for longer. However, very few varieties are hardy. You should therefore ensure adequate protection against frost or overwinter your camellia frost-free.


The camellia is not just a houseplant. If it is permanently in the living room, it will not bloom.