Plant sedum plant in the garden or in the pot

Plant sedum plant in the garden or in the pot

Which location does the sedum plant prefer?

Basically, all sedum plants like a sunny location and a loose, rather moderately nutrient-rich to nutrient-poor and well-drained soil. But whether the latter should be rather dry or rather moist, depends on the type of Sedum to be planted. Many stonecrop also thrive in partially shaded or light locations.

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Can the fat hen also be grown in planters?

If the site conditions and the substrate meet the needs of the plant, the sedum plant can also be cultivated very well in planters and even as a houseplant. It is best to use cactus soil or a mixture of commercially available potting soil, sand or gravel and lava granulate. (€ 13.76 at Amazon *)

When is the best time for sedum plant to plant?

Although container goods can in principle be planted out during the entire vegetation period, the best planting time for fat hens is spring.

At what planting distance are fat hens placed?

The ideal planting distance depends on the type of sedum plant. The higher this is, the greater the distance between the individual plants should be kept.

Sedum typeLatin nameStaturePlants per square meterPlant spacing
Purple sedumSedum telephiumup to 60 cm3 to 450 cm
Magnificent sedum plantSedum spectabile30 to 45 cm550 cm
Caucasus sedum plantSedum spurium10 centimeters1620 to 25 cm
Gold sedumSedum floriferum15 cm16 to 2520 to 25 cm
Sharp stonecropSedum acre5 to 10 cm16 to 2015 to 20 cm
White sedum plantSedum album5 to 15 cm16 to 2020 to 25 cm
Mild sedumSedum sexangulare5 to 10 cm9 to 1620 to 25 cm
Rock sedumSedum reflexumup to 20 cm10 to 1530 cm

How can you multiply fatty hens?

Sedums are best propagated by division, by cuttings, cuttings or by sowing.

When do sedums bloom?

The specific flowering times are quite different depending on the species and variety. Some sedum plants bloom quite early between June and July, while others bloom late and into autumn.


For the mixed bed, choose plant species that, due to their location and maintenance requirements, go well with sedum hens. These include, for example, the alpine edelweiss and other rock garden and gravel garden plants.

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