How and when - cut the sour cherry

How and when - cut the sour cherry

When is the sour cherry cut?

In contrast to other fruit trees, the sour cherry is cut at a different time. The best time for the thinning is in the summer after the harvest. This is usually the case between early and mid-August.

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Cutting depending on the variety

Depending on the variety, sour cherries develop different growth. While some develop whip-like long shoots and show an overhanging growth pattern, others show a short fruit wood and strive upright.

Overhanging varieties

Varieties such as 'Gerema', 'Schattenmorelle' and 'Morellenfeuer' develop a strongly overhanging habit if they are not regularly restrained by a cut. Their whip-like shoots become extremely long and they fruit on the annual wood. With these varieties you have to shorten all long side shoots by two thirds. In addition, a clearing cut is advisable, in which old wood is cut out.

Varieties such as 'Ludwigs Früh', 'Dimitzer' and 'Schwäbische Weichsel' also grow overhanging. In contrast to the varieties already mentioned, their growth is weaker. They also need to be shortened considerably, albeit less.

Upright growing varieties

The following varieties develop a different habit: 'Saphir', 'Favorit', 'Heimanns Rubin Weichsel', 'Karneol', 'Koröser Weichsel' and 'Morina'. They grow upright, bear fruit on annual and old wood and do not bald. Here it is sufficient to remove or shorten the weak and inwardly growing shoots.

Basic information on how to cut the sour cherry

If you don't know which variety it is or if you want to choose the easiest way, you should proceed in a similar way to conventional fruit tree pruning. A sharp tool such as pruning shears should generally be used when cutting.

How to proceed:

  • Prune all branches that have borne fruit
  • do not cut young branches
  • clear once a year to loosen the crown
  • remove sick, dead and old wood
  • Remove downward or drooping branches
  • where to cut: at the start of a new shoot
Tips & Tricks A positive side effect of regularly pruning or thinning the sour cherries is that the risk of fungus infestation is minimized. A lighter crown allows moisture on the leaves and shoots to evaporate more quickly and fungi lack the basis of life.