North balcony: The best plants for shady balconies

North balcony: The best plants for shady balconies

Flowers for the north balcony

Even if there is a lack of sun on the north balcony, that does not mean that it has to be colorless. Numerous flowers with very different flower colors also thrive in the shade. Here is an overview:

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German nameBotanical nameFlower colorHeydayLight requirement
Balloon flowersPlatycodon grandiflorusViolet to bluish, whiteJuly to AugustShady to partially shaded
begoniaBegoniaWhite, orange, yellow, red, pink and othersFrom May to autumnshadow
Blue daisyBrachyscome iberidifoliaBluishJuly to SeptemberSunny, light shade
Busy LizzieImpatiens wallerianaWhite, red, purple, pink and othersFrom May to autumnShade or partial shade
FuchsiasFuchsiaViolet, pink, redsummerShady to partially shaded
HydrangeasHydrangeaBlue, pink, red, white and othersMay to JulySunny, partial shade, shady
Loyal to menLobelia erinusBlue, white, pinkJune to OctoberSunny to partial shade
petuniaPetuniaAlmost all colors, including multi-coloredMay to deep autumnSun or light shade
Splendid sparAstilbeWhite, pink, red and othersMay to JuneLights or full of shadows
Purple bellsHeucheraRed, pinkMay to JulyLight shade
Snowflake flowerChaenostoma cordatumWhiteCorn through autumnLight shade
Vanilla flowerHeliotropium arborescensWhite, purpleMay until OctoberSun to light shade
Forest bellflowerCampanulaPurple or whiteJune JulyLights to full shadows
Decorative tobaccoNicotiana x sanderaeWhite, red, pink, yellow and othersMay until OctoberSunny to shady

Green plants and shrubs for the north balcony

If you prefer green rather than colorful on the north balcony, you can put various shrubs and beautiful green plants in pots and window boxes (€ 106.25 at Amazon *). For example:

German nameBotanical nameparticularitiesLocation
BoxwoodBuxus sempervirensWell tolerated by cuttingShade to partial shade
Colored nettlePlectranthus scutellarioidesColorful foliageSun or shade
FernsDifferent depending on the typeHighly toxicShady
Frankincense plant (moth king)Plectranthus coleoidesWhite margins of the leavesShady to partially shaded

Herbs and vegetables for the shady balcony

Do you want to plant tomatoes on your shady balcony? Unfortunately that won't work. But some vegetables and especially herbs get by with little light.

  • Wild garlic
  • Swiss chard
  • arugula
  • parsley
  • salad
  • sorrel
  • chives
  • spinach
  • Woodruff
  • Wild rocket