Roof greening for the garage: the cost

Roof greening for the garage: the cost

Extensive versus intensive green roofs

In principle, a distinction is made between two different types of green roofs. For extensive green roofs, layers with a thickness of 6 to 20 cm are used, while for intensive roof greening, layers of up to 40 cm are applied to the roof. This has two consequences: On the one hand, with intensive green roofs, significantly higher plants (even small trees) can be planted, the roots of which extend deeper and thus require more soil, on the other hand this - and the size of the plants - creates a significantly higher weight and up to 1000 or more kilograms per square meter.

Since a garage roof is usually not designed for such a weight, you should prefer an extensive variant of the roof greening of your garage. These are also significantly cheaper.

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What does a green roof cost for a garage?

You can find several complete packages on the Internet that contain all the material you need for your green roof and thus enable simple self-construction. The prices for such complete sets range from 40 to 69 € per square meter. You can read the exact prices of various providers in this house journal article on roof greening of carports. In the following table we assume an average price of 50 € per square meter and use this average to calculate the costs for green roofs of different sized garages. For the calculation of the area in square meters, it was rounded up, since you cannot buy half a square meter in online shops, only complete ones.

Garage typeDimensions (W x L)Area in sqmGreen roof costs
Small single garage2.85 x 5.50 m16 sqmaround € 800
Larger single garage2.85 x 6 m18 sqmaround € 900
Double garage5.72mx 6m35 sqmaround 1750 €
small extension garage2.85 x 2.50 m8 sqmaround € 400


How to green your garage roof yourself step by step, you can read in this article.