It's that easy to pull privet yourself

It's that easy to pull privet yourself

Methods to grow privet yourself

You don't need green fingers or specialist knowledge to grow privet yourself. The shrub is so easy to propagate that even a beginner will hardly have any problems with it. You just have to be patient. There are enough cuttings that you can use as cuttings or cuttings when you cut back.

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There are three ways to grow privet yourself:

  • Cut cuttings
  • Place cuttings
  • Lower shoots

Propagation from seeds is of course also theoretically possible. However, this requires a lot of patience and is much more time-consuming than other methods.

Pull privet yourself from cuttings

Privet cuttings take root very quickly. Use shoots that are at least 8 inches long. Shorten them at the top and remove the lower leaves.

Now all you have to do is put the cuttings in prepared pots or in the desired location. Don't forget to water the offshoots well. You can tell that the rooting was successful by the new leaves and shoots.

Propagate privet from cuttings

If you prune a privet heavily, you will end up with a lot of cuttings. They are already lignified below.

Cap these shoots at the top, then pin them in place. Pour enough.

Lowered privet

For lowering, use long shoots that you can bend on the ground. Score it lightly and cover the score with soil. The tip of the shoot must still look out of the ground.

If new shoots appear at the top, you can separate the offshoot, carefully dig it up and transplant it to the desired location.


The only care that you shouldn't neglect with the privet, especially at the beginning, is cutting. Privet is initially cut up to three times a year, and later twice. Only then will you get a compact shrub or a dense hedge.