What to do if the bamboo has brown leaves

What to do if the bamboo has brown leaves

Open your eyes when buying bamboo

To protect a bamboo from brown leaves and diseases, you should pay attention to its properties when buying it. Because many bamboo plants come from mass production. These plants are grown in air-conditioned greenhouses under ideal growing conditions and look great.

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If they are exposed to natural conditions in the open air, there are problems. Some plants mourn by losing their leaves or turning brown, are particularly susceptible to pests and diseases, or do not grow.

Bamboo plants that are propagated by division and that stand outside are much more hardened in comparison.

Too much of a good thing can also cause brown leaves

With some hardy bamboo varieties, some of the leaves turn brown by spring. This is normal. Because the bamboo consumes a lot of energy in winter and does not turn green again until March.

Bamboo needs fresh soil and nutrients, especially in spring. Nevertheless, you shouldn't spoil it with too much right away. Because that can lead to brown leaves as well as to the death of the plant. Better regular care and slowly increasing fertilizer applications. If your bamboo is shedding brown leaves, simply pile them up in the root area and leave them. Because the leaves contain silicon, which the plant absorbs through the roots as additional fertilizer.

Other causes and care if the leaves turn brown

When selecting the plants, consider the later site conditions. Because an unsuitable location can cause brown leaves or other problems. It should be in a sheltered, partially shaded to shady or, depending on the type of bamboo, sunny location.

The types of bamboo we offer are usually very resistant. Even when the leaves and stalks are exposed to cold wind, the plant will sprout again. If a newly planted bamboo suddenly turns its leaves brown, the cause can be a so-called plant shock, which can be remedied with plenty of water.

Tips & Tricks

If the leaves on the bamboo turn brown in winter, it may not be hardy.