Make automatic watering of indoor plants yourself

Make automatic watering of indoor plants yourself

Automatic irrigation system for indoor plants

One of the following irrigation systems, which are already available in stores for little money and can be used again and again, is practical.

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Irrigation cones

If only an absence of a few days needs to be bridged, so-called irrigation cones are a tried and tested method of supplying thirsty indoor plants with water. These cones are available in different variations and from different manufacturers, but all work on a similar principle. The water stored in an external container is slowly and gradually released into the plant pot via a plastic or clay cone stuck in the ground. You can choose from the following systems:

  • Irrigation cone with attached glass balloon
  • Irrigation cone that is connected to a storage container via a hose
  • Irrigation cone that is simply screwed onto a PET or glass bottle

Basically, you should give preference to irrigation cones made of clay, as they deliver the water more reliably to the substrate. It just seeps through the porous material. Plastic cones, in turn, simply have a drain hole through which the liquid drains.

With pump and timer

The system from a well-known manufacturer, which works by means of a pump and timer, is very sophisticated and reliable. Here the water is supplied via supply lines and drip hoses, through which the water is transported directly to the plants with the help of a small submersible pump. It is watered once a day for about a minute, which is regulated by a specially programmed timer. However, the disadvantage of this system is its price: You can plan for this irrigation from 120, - EUR and up.

Do-it-yourself systems - simple and effective

At these prices you get away much cheaper if you make your own irrigation system (€ 58.53 at Amazon *). No complicated or expensive materials are required for this, and most people already have them in stock at home. However, it is essential to work carefully when building it yourself - if the system does not work, your plants can perish while you are away. Therefore, it makes sense to first test the irrigation system you have built while you are at home. Then you can eliminate possible sources of error in good time. You have the following options for a self-built irrigation system:

  • Bathtub: covered with thick towels and filled with water about five centimeters high, place plants in it without a cachepot
  • Wool thread: Connect the plant pot and the bucket filled with water with a wool or cotton cord, stretch them tight
  • PET bottle: Fill a PET or glass bottle with water and insert it upside down into the substrate (for flower boxes (13.19 € on Amazon *) and large buckets)
  • Granulate: Only place plants in the plant pot in a larger container filled with granulate and moistened with water


The easiest way to irrigate your holiday is if you rely on hydroponics right from the start.

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