Peach Red Haven - yellow fleshed peach with a high yield

Peach Red Haven - yellow fleshed peach with a high yield

Medium-sized, juicy fruits

Red Haven was created around 1930 in the US Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station in South Haven. The variety comes from a cross between “Hale Haven” and “Kalehaven” and has been on the market since 1940. The medium-sized to large, yellow-fleshed fruits weigh around 120 grams and are more rounded in shape. The medium firm pulp is very juicy, has a fine texture and tastes mildly sweet and sour. Especially when fully ripe, the meat can be easily removed from the stone and it does not brown. Red Haven peaches can be harvested around the fifth to sixth peach week.

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Universal variety with good yield properties

The variety was bred primarily for yield and taste, and less for beauty. In contrast to the decorative peach “Rubira”, the bell-shaped flowers are rather small and unsightly. However, they do not tolerate frost and are self-fertile. In terms of location, Red Haven is quite undemanding, but good care is essential for a rich and regular yield. Only regular cutting and thinning can maintain the performance of this variety.

Pruning peach tree

If possible, peach trees should be cut back and thinned out in spring, shortly before the blossoms burst. Above all, the shoots from the previous year bear, old wood, on the other hand, usually no longer bears any fruit. How to proceed:

  • Leave three to four strong main shoots.
  • Shorten or remove at least two thirds of the shoots that bore fruit in the previous year.
  • Remove non-load-bearing wood.
  • Cut or trim out the wrong fruit shoots.

Mother variety of numerous mutations

So far, some bud mutations of Red Haven are known in the USA: Shoji (in trade since 1955), Garnet Beauty (in trade since 1958), Early Redhaven (in trade since 1961). Red Haven is also Richhaven's mother variety. Red Haven peaches are not only ideal as table fruit but also as canned fruit, ie they can be wonderfully processed into jams, jellies, juices, chutneys or canned food.

Tips & Tricks

White-fleshed peach varieties such as B. Pilot are generally better suited for cultivation in German gardens, as these are less sensitive to diseases and weather conditions. However, Red Haven is a good alternative, but it is more susceptible to frizziness.