Is the Celosia caracas poisonous?

Is the Celosia caracas poisonous?

Celosia can be prepared very well in a similar way to spinach, but the young stems are also edible. Use the flowers as an edible decoration or for ice cubes. Celosias tolerate a strong seasoning with garlic, chilli or hot pepper.

Can I grow the Celosia in my garden?

The Celosia is not hardy, but can stand well in the garden in summer. However, it needs a sunny place without direct midday sun. But it is relatively easy to care for.

The essentials in brief:

  • non-toxic
  • edible parts: young stalks, leaves, flowers
  • can be prepared like spinach


If you love the exotic, prepare the leaves of the Celosia as a vegetable side dish.