A lush rhododendron on the garden shed

A lush rhododendron on the garden shed

When is the best rhododendron planting time

For planting rhododendrons, as with other woody plants, the best rhododendron planting time is autumn from early September to mid-November. The spring planting time begins in early March to mid-May until the leaves shoot. Provided it is above zero and the ground is no longer frozen.

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Advantage: if the plants are planted early in autumn, they will still take root in the warm soil, form new roots more quickly and thus get through the winter better.

The spring planting season begins in early March to May. The advantage of spring planting is that many varieties can be selected during their flowering period.

So the rhododendrons grow well and thrive

Whether rhododendron planting time in autumn or spring - planting rhododendrons takes place in the following steps: First, carefully loosen any ball cloth or wire mesh, but do not remove! Immerse the rhododendron in water for 5 minutes so that the root ball soaks up completely.

Step 1 - Prepare and plant the rhododendron site

Dig the planting pit with the spade up to three times the size of the root ball. In the case of less water-permeable soil layers, avoid accumulating moisture under the bale by draining gravel. Now mix the excavated soil in the same ratio with moist, light-colored peat and some sand.

Insert the rhododendron in the center with the ball only 3 cm deeper than in the cultivation. No more!

Insertion deeper results in a lack of air and inhibits the formation of new roots. Then spread the earth carefully around the bale and step lightly. Draw a cast edge with the remaining excavation - especially important on slopes.

Step 2 - Rhododendron care after planting

After planting, pay particular attention to sufficient soil moisture. And pour it on thoroughly - about 8-12 liters per rhododendron. Water weekly in dry weather. Important: uniform soil moisture, no waterlogging.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to fertilizing at rhododendron planting time! Do not use fertilizer in autumn. After planting in spring, sprinkle 15 to 30 g of complete fertilizer around the plant and scratch it lightly. Under no circumstances put fertilizer in the planting hole, otherwise there is a risk of root damage.