Wild wine as a privacy screen?

Wild wine as a privacy screen?

What kind of privacy screen should be established?

First of all, it is important to clarify which type of privacy screen should be established at all: Is it important to protect the terrace or pergola from unwanted looks? Or should unsightly structural constructions, rubbish bins and similar visual impositions be skilfully hidden? How big and how high is the area to be greened and what material is it made of? It must be said that on the one hand Wilder Wein requires a lot of space both in width and in height - and also allows its roots to wander very far - and also quickly buries weak wooden structures under its heavy weight.

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Advantages and disadvantages of wild wine as a privacy screen

Wild wine planted as a privacy screen offers you many options, but also has a number of disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages need to be carefully weighed against each other, because this climbing plant is usually extremely difficult to remove. The following table gives you a quick overview.

fast growingovergrows large areas very quickly
becomes several meters highalso grows where you don't even want it
becomes several meters widecan only be narrowed down with difficulty
twines very denselyincluding itself out quickly
beautiful glossy green foliage with large leavesdeciduous, ie a lot of leaf fall in autumn
spectacular autumn colorsquickly loses its leaves in autumn
can live up to 50 yearsvery difficult to remove
requires little maintenancecan cause great damage

Alternatives to the virgin vine

Should you decide against planting with wild grapevine in view of the disadvantages, there are still a number of suitable alternatives available. The following climbing plants are also suitable for greening:

  • Climbing roses
  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Knotweed
  • Akebie
  • Wisteria
  • Whistle winch
  • Trumpet flower
  • Clematis
  • Winter jasmine
  • Real grapevine


At least the excessive root growth of the wild wine can be limited quite well if you do not plant the plants out but put them in a tub.