Klorix against weeds: does it work?

Klorix against weeds: does it work?

What is Klorix?

Klorix is ​​a cleaning agent that contains approximately 2.8 percent chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). The agent also contains sodium carbonate and cleaning surfactants.

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The product is recommended for removing stubborn stains in the home, for disinfection and for combating mold.

Does Klorix work against weeds and how should it be used?

Chlorine works very well against weeds, but the neighboring plants are often badly affected and show signs of poisoning. How much active ingredient the plants can cope with varies. Unfortunately, cultivated plants usually prove to be less resistant than the weeds that you declare war on with Klorix.

To keep the risks as low as possible, you should do the following:

  • Dilute Klorix before use. Do not add more than 20 ml of the liquid to 80 ml of water.
  • Since chlorine damages the skin, it is essential to wear gloves.

Klorix is ​​only suitable for destroying individual plants. To remove weeds over a large area, you should resort to another method.

Are there any risks when used as a weed killer?

Chlorine is not a harmless substance which, if used incorrectly, can be dangerous for both people and the environment.

  • Liquid chlorine is very caustic.
  • Gaseous chlorine can damage the airways.
  • Due to the corrosive effect, soil life is also unintentionally affected.


The plant protection regulations stipulate that you are not allowed to use Klorix on sidewalks, paved driveways or the terrace. This is justified with the fact that the preparations cannot be biodegraded on sealed surfaces. Violation can result in fines of up to 50,000 euros.